Notes of AGM Meeting held on Monday 5th November 2018 at 7:30pm at Bramcote Memorial Hall.

22 members present. Apologies from E Fewkes, A Evans, C Clayton, R. Smith, C. Bridgwater, S, Heptinstall, K & S. Ravnkilde, M. Woodward.
Norman Clyde-Watson was in the Chair

1. Matters Arising from AGM 2017

  • Nothing to report.

The following Reports were presented:-

2. Chairman's Report

A copy of the full report is with the Committee.

  • Funding application for the new path had been unsuccessful. Reason – not considered of most benefit to greatest number of residents. No further action at this time, but future committee may feel able to try again.
  • The Bramcote Ridge Management Plan is still part of the long-term management for the area but Charles Langtree is no longer involved. Ben Driver of Notts Wildlife Trust will rewrite it to comply with Council format.
  • Fires had caused extensive damage at the Viewing Point and proof was found near the Bridle path that it was deliberate. A new grassland area was to be created at the Viewpoint and improve the view to Wollaton Hall.
  • The new Wildflower area created on Thoresby Road opposite the old golf course, has been successful and much admired and will probably be extended along with crocus and daffodils.
  • We obtained the highest grade possible for the Green Flag Award with very positive praise, including from Anna Soubry MP, for a fantastic job and no criticism. Norman thanked Members, volunteers, support of Chris Riley, Tim Crawford, John and Sandra Appleton, Geoff Fewkes – all now involved for 20 years!
  • There is an urgent need for new people to become involved in the Group otherwise FOBR could fold. Norman, the Chair, is to step down as Chairman. 3 new members are willing to join the Committee which will meet in Jan/Feb and elect new officers. Norman proposed to offer help to the new Chairperson eg. re Insurance, Broxtowe BC contacts etc. Other Committee members may also wish to move on.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Eric Curtis circulated copies to members present. (Copy on file).

  • Balance of £800+ in reserve . Subscriptions which were originally £2.00 and 65 paying members are now £5.00 with currently 41 paying.
  • Outgoings included £18.00 for hire of Hall and a bottle of wine for the Accountant who would not take a fee.
  • The charge for Insurance was paid by BBC but we may need to pay this in future.
  • The cost of the Wildflower seeds was to be £80 - £90 but BBC could not provide them until May and kindly donated them for free to FOBR.
  • Donations from John Appleton have reached £1000 over the years and it was felt that this should now be donated to a charity of his choice - which will be a Bear Sanctuary in Romania which helps about 100 bears.

Reminder– Membership Subscription to remain at £5.00 per member – now due (Nov 1st). Cheques, made payable to ‘Friends of Bramcote Ridge’ and passed to the Treasurer, Eric Curtis before the year end please.


4. Working Sessions Report

John Appleton reported (copy on file).

  • An average of 12 members attended monthly sessions which was the same as last year, but 18 turned out in October including 4 potential new Members. The session in March was cancelled due to the snow.
  • Sessions are aimed to maintain the area as semi-wild, safe and clean.
  • Activities include monthly litter picking, seed planting, steps repaired and replaced (from Thoresby Road and from the Viewing Point), tidying of minor paths, the clearance of Bridle path and Rosebay clearance/thinning. BBC maintain the main pathways.
  • The work session on Sunday December 2nd this year will include a visit from a Practical Conservation Volunteer Group with hopefully 6 or more of our members assisting as required.
  • The session coming up on Sunday January 6th is part of Browtowe’s “Clean and Green” campaign and hopefully will attract some local residents to take part. Because there is little litter on the ridge itself nowadays, we will be concentrating on the streets to the south of the ridge.

Thanks to all who have helped in any way and especially John Appleton who has arranged all sessions.

5. Bird & Butterfly Surveys

  • No new species of Birds recorded on the Ridge but Buzzards still visiting. Lack of water on the site will deter a number of species from visiting.
  • Butterflies - 19 species recorded again this year with a lot of small and large whites and common blues. Poor numbers of peacocks, gatekeepers, painted lady and tortoiseshells.

John thanked Jane for her help in the recording.

6. Committee

  • The current members will meet at the next Committee meeting in Jan/Feb when new officers will be elected.
  • 3 new members were proposed for the Committee by John Appleton and seconded by Michael Chamberlain. They are Chris Burgess, Helene Laanest and Allan Bridgwater and were elected by Members present.

7. AOB

  • Update on the Golf Course land – Planning permission for a Retirement Village granted but permission for Housing refused. The land is now back on the market with the planning consent for the Retirement Village.
  • Norman thanked the Committee, attending Members and Sandra Appleton.

The AGM meeting closed at 9:00pm followed by refreshments.

Next AGM will be on Monday 4th November 2019

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