Another good turnout of 12 members this morning resulting in a very productive session.

The jobs we completed were as follows:

  • The bridle path was cleared of mud and tree debris and then swept.
  • The steps leading down to Thoresby Road were also cleared of debris and swept and the pavement area alongside the road was cleared of overhanging brambles.
  • A pathway on one side of the wildflower area near Brookside Avenue had become completely blocked with grasses and other weeds. This was cut back to its normal width and then the section of path that leads from there to Thoresby Road was also cleared of overhanging brambles.
  • Four of the group cleared an outbreak of about 500 broom that has appeared this year in the restored grassland area. This seems to be another example of a dormant seed bank coming to life following the removal of the top 15cm of topsoil three years ago.

  • The paths at the Heather Rise end of the reserve were cleared of overhanging bramble.
  • Both reserves were cleared of litter.

    The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

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