On a really sunny morning we had nine volunteers turn up.

  • We concentrated today on the Alexandrina Plantation reserve and completed the following:

  • The steps leading from Thoresby Road were cleared of debris and then swept. A step which had begun to rot was replaced. Nearly all these steps have hollowed out in the area between each step and we need to address this problem in the next couple of months. Filling in with gravel will probably be the best solution.

  • The recent poor weather had left the bridle path in quite a bad state so six of us cleared this with a combination of shovels, rakes and brooms and the debris was removed from the site. We also cut back brambles which were overhanging the path.

  • Litter was collected from both reserves.

We also got introduced to our new supervisor, who took the new role very seriously...

The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

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