12 volunteers attended this morning's working session and the priority was to clear vegetation from many of the paths. The following jobs were completed:

  • The path alongside the Sandy Lane entrance was cleared of encroaching grass and 300 litres of bark chippings were laid. We shall need the same amount again to complete the path surface.

  • Several of the smaller paths around the Alexandrina Plantation had become very overgrown and most of these had the vegetation cut back.
  • The path that runs behind the laurel bushes alongside the football pitch was also heavily overgrown to the point where access was almost impossible, so this was thoroughly cut back and the bench facing the pitch was also cleared of overhanging branches

  • The main path leading to Heather Rise was also becoming overgrown, as was the smaller path leading from the bottom of Devil's Steps to Coopers Green and both of these were cut back.
  • Litter was removed from both reserves.

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