25 Members & Guests present. Apologies from Walter Grauberg.

Norman Clyde-Watson welcomed all to the 1st meeting of the Year and reported:-

  • Spring Litter Clean - was well supported. The amount of litter appeared to be less than in previous years which was encouraging.

  • Birdwatch - Sunday 28th January was a poor day and fewer birds were spotted than usual. However, John's garden provided a delightful display of Bullfinch and Redpol.

  • Improvements to Ridge - Stan Heptinstal had sought the Committee's opinion on possible improvements to the Bridle Path. It was agreed that:

    • No form of lighting should be installed - this might encourage vandalism and it is unlikely that the path would be used after dark.
    • No hard tarmac surface -this would be out of keeping with the rest of the site and could be slippery in poor weather .
    • Yes to improved drainage.
    • Yes to new angled steps.
    • Yes to gravel surfacing.
  • Ridge Fencing - No further developments.

  • Display Boards - Broxtowe BC had now agreed to the design and placement of 2 Notice Boards - 1 opposite the Golf Course entrance and 1 at Markham Road. This would be installed in the Spring.

Eric reported that Membership had fallen slightly from 67 to 55 but this was still a good number for a Community Group and thanked Members for their continued support.

Norman then introduced John Waltham who gave a very comprehensive and amusing illustrated talk on the 'Caves of Nottingham'. Many myths about habitation and use were explored and blown! Many caves can be visited and many remain in private hands but it would appear that most were used as storage cellars for beer, drinks, etc! New ones are still found during excavations for buildings, especially in Central Nottingham. John's book 'Caves of Nottingham' is available at £3.50.

Norman, on behalf of the members, thanked John for an excellent talk.

Next Meeting- Monday 5th March at7:30pm - Guest Speaker, Betty Grimley will give a talk on "A 'South African' topic ".

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