17 Members present. Apologies from Norman & Clare Clyde-Watson & Mary Curtis.

Sheila Hardy welcomed members and there were no outstanding notices.

  • John Appleton displayed a draft poster produced by Broxtowe B.C. which, with some minor alterations, would be used on the two information boards.
  • Geoff Ward mentioned that the Alexandrina Plantation was noted as having Golden Rod plants in the Notts Flora Book. This unfortunately was on land belonging to Mr Willoughby close to Jasmin Close.
  • Heather Cox advised members of the following forthcoming events which may be of interest: -
    • Hebbs Farm & Garden at Stoke Bardolph, would again be open on Sunday 17th June & Sunday 15th July from 2pm -6pm. Entry Fee of £2.00 for charity. This garden was visited & thoroughly enjoyed by a number of members last year.
    • Wollaton Natural History Society are arranging a coach trip to Castle Howard in Yorkshire on Saturday 26 May. Depart from Wollaton Library at 9.00am at a cost of £18.50 (inclusive). Contact Heather ASAP if interested.
    • Grangewood Ladies Methodist Group are visiting Rowsley Shopping Outlet in Derbyshire + Steam Train Ride + Cream Tea on Wednesday 27th June. Depart from rear of Bramcote Lane shops at 11.00am. Again, contact Heather if interested.

Sheila then introduced Dr Colin Hartley, a member of Wollaton Natural History Society, who gave an illustrated talk on Insects associated with Oak Trees.
Those who visit the Ridge will have seen 'galls', but in future will be able to recognise many different varieties and understand how they are formed, the insects responsible and the life cycles of moths and wasps involved. In addition we were treated to slides of caterpillars also found on the Ridge, colourful, hairy and stick like! Other insects to spot are leaf miners, sawflies, ladybirds (20 varieties of 40 nationally) and lacewings. Now is the time to start looking on leaves and branches and on the soil at the base of the many oaks on the Ridge. Dr Hartley mentioned the book - 'Plant Galls' -Naturalist Handbook Series published by Redfern and Askew for anyone interested in more information.

Sheila thanked Dr Hartley for his talk which was most enjoyable.

Next Meeting - Monday 14th May 7:30pm - Note This is not the first Monday which is a Bank Holiday (7th). Guest Speaker will be Ian Retson who will an illustrated talk on "Willersley Wood ".

Finally -Walks are planned for the Summer on

  • Monday 4th June at 2pm -Bramcote Hills Park with Tree Expert.
  • Monday 2nd July at 7pm - Ridge Walk with Long Eaton Friends.

The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

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