25 members present. Apologies - none.

Norman Clyde-Watson welcomed all to the meeting and informed them of the following Notices.

  • The September mowing had been replaced this year with Broxtowe BC cutting the grass and collecting at the same time. This had been very successful and was seen to be the way forward for future years.
  • Mr Slade's petition regarding loss of access to the ridge at Richborough & Jasmin. This could not be defined as a Right of Way under current law so settlement could therefore take a considerable time especially as the land is owned by Mr Willoughby and is not defined as a 'direct route'.
  • A meeting between Broxtowe BC, it's planners, Norman and Mr Willoughby aimed at determining plans for the marked areas on the Ridge (blue markers on trees etc), had not made progress. Under present planning regulations, there could be no building. Broxtowe BC had offered to manage the land on Mr Willoughby's behalf but there was no agreement. Mr Willoughby maintained that he would fence the land but no proposed date for this was forthcoming. No further meeting was arranged.

Norman then introduced Guest Speaker Roger Wood who gave an illustrated talk, “Wildlife over the Stile”, based on walks over the seasons near Shipley Park, West Hallam . All agreed that the slides were stunning and thanked Roger for his interest and knowledge of the area and subjects.

The Next Meeting is on Monday 6th November at 7:30pm and will be the AGM followed by a slide show from John Appleton of Iceland and Switzerland.

  • Nominations are invited for the Committee which should be submitted, in writing, to Sheila Hardy, no later than Monday 30th October. Proposer and Seconder should be current members of the Friends.
  • Current members of the Committee are willing to stand for re-election.
  • Details of Subscriptions for 2006/ 2007 will be presented (currently £5.00) payable at the meeting.

Advance Notices

  • Monday December 4th will be the Xmas Social Party. Details in next Newsletter.

Work Days

  • Sunday November 12th
  • Sunday December 10th

    See Project Newsletter 25 for details

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