Notes of AGM meeting on 1st November 2021 held at 7.30pm at Bramcote Memorial Hall.

14 members present. Apologies were received from Sheila Hardy, Norman and Clare Clyde-Watson Alan Evans, Eric and Mary Curtis, John Cox, Michael and Vivian Chamberlain, Eileen Fewkes and Andy Blackham

1. Chair's Report

  • Helene welcomed everyone there and then described all the jobs done in the working sessions from December 2019.
  • She confirmed our successful retention of the Green Flag Community Award for 2021/22 for a thirteenth consecutive year.
  • She also confirmed that the planning application for the Unity Park had been rejected by both local Councils and then, on appeal, by the Secretary of State.
  • Elizabeth Dalton had watched the proceedings of the appeal for 4 days and said how impressed she was by the Inspector in charge but also the representatives of both local Councils for putting the case against.

2. Treasurer's report

  • Copies of the audited balance sheet were handed out to all those present. This covered the two year period to 31st October 2021.
  • Because of two very generous donations and exceptionally low expenditure the balance in our group's account had increased from £880 to over £1300.
  • It was agreed that there would, therefore, be no membership subscription due for all existing members for 2021/2022.

3. Bird and Butterfly surveys 2020 and 2021

  • There were no significant changes in the birds seen on the ridge although several were in smaller numbers than in previous years.
  • There have been no sightings of Mistle Thrush, Whitethroat or Treecreeper in the last two years.
  • Butterfly recording did not take place in 2020 but resumed again this year and records were sent to Butterfly Conservation's recorder for Notts.
  • Nearly all species were seen in lower numbers than in previous years but there were really sharp declines in Gatekeeper, Ringlet and the Skippers.
  • Jane was thanked for continuing to record on Alexandrina Plantation LNR.

4. Election of a committee for 2021/2022

  • The existing five members were re-elected and both Steve Severn and Nick Woodier were nominated, seconded and elected.
  • It was agreed that Charles Armitage (who was not present) would be invited to the first committee meeting in the new year when he could be co-opted if agreed.

5. AOB

  • The main point raised was the need to increase pollinating plants to attract more bees and butterflies.
    • Helene will try to obtain seed for sowing this coming Sunday in the wildflower area near the entrance to Sandy Lane which has been such a disappointment this year.
    • She will also investigate the purchase of plug plants from Naturescape for planting in the existing perennial wildflower areas on both reserves.
  • Nick asked whether the group could consider purchasing a replacement bench to replace the one vandalised last week near the Sandy Lane entrance.
    • John confirmed that he had already contacted Chris Riley about this and he is ordering a metal bench to replace it.
    • As usual we are extremely grateful to Chris and all those at Broxtowe BC for their help in maintaining our two reserves.
  • Nick suggested that high visibility jackets with some FoBR identification could be a useful replacement for the existing armbands.
  • Elizabeth expressed her concern that wildfires were a real danger in hot dry weather and she thought it would be useful to have fire beaters available at suitable locations.

These suggestions will be discussed at the next committee meeting; the question of fire beaters will need to be discussed with the fire service and Broxtowe BC.

The next AGM will be on the 7th November 2022 in this Hall.

The formal meeting closed at 8.20pm and tea, coffee and biscuits were then supplied giving everyone present the chance to socialise.

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