Notes of Annual General Meeting, held on Monday 7th November 2011, at Bramcote Memorial Hall

20 members present. Apologies from G.Davies, C & A Bridgewater, A.Evans, M.Curtis, M & V Chamberlain.

Norman Clyde-Watson in Chair welcomed all to the meeting.

Norman announced that Barbara Maltby, an active Group member had sadly died recently.

1. Matters Arising from AGM 2010

  • Membership – Walter Grauberg had concerns that the Group needed new & younger members.

    • Norman responded that there had been some new people joining the Working Groups but they were not members. This had raised some concern about Insurance cover especially 3rd party liability.
    • It was suggested that these persons be encouraged to become full members of the Friends.
    • The Committee would also seek advice from the Insurers about our legal position, query temporary cover etc.
  • Golf Course

    • Mike Johnson had sent an e-mail indicating that David Watts was seeking opinion/support for a suggestion that a Retirement Village be built on the site.
    • This was felt to be an encroachment into the Open Space & Green Belt.
    • The Friends would respond to the web site/ e-mail against this suggestion.

The following Reports were presented – copies are held by the Secretary:-

2. Chairman's Report

  • Norman thanked Broxtowe BC & in particular Chris Riley, Tim Crawford & Steve Fisher for their continued support & encouragement.
  • Notts CC had also offered help dealing with graffiti on the site.
  • The Green Flag Community Award (formerly The Green Pennant) had been awarded again for the 3rd consecutive year following a good report from the judge. Thanks were given to all involved especially Sandra Appleton for the invaluable help with the on-line application.
  • Again meetings were limited to 3, but a suggestion was made for a Summer Walk next year.
    • Questionnaire was sent with the AGM Notice. If sufficient people are interested, this will be arranged next year.
  • Thanks to the Committee members who held 3 meetings during the year.

3. Working Groups Report

John Appleton reported on activities –

  • There were Workdays throughout the year with an average number of 14 members who had undertaken various activities maintaining the site.
  • Eric & Mary Curtis had planted Bluebell bulbs.
  • Litter had been picked both locally on the Ridge & in Bramcote Park on a regular basis.
  • Most of the Bird Boxes had all been used & had been cleaned
  • The Bridlepath had been cleared of soil ‘washout’ & leaves.

Thanks to all involved for their continued support.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Eric Curtis circulated the balance sheet for the year. A copy is on file.

  • He reported a healthy position especially as Broxtowe BC had funded the Insurance cover (£120).
  • Some new equipment had been purchased for use on the Workdays.
  • John Appleton had again donated proceeds from his gardening jobs to the Friends.
  • Also, Thanks to Nick Cooper for auditing the Accounts without charge.

Note – Membership Subscription to remain at £5.00 per member – now due (Nov 1st). Cheques, made payable to ‘Friends of Bramcote Ridge’ & passed to the Treasurer, Eric Curtis, please and before the year end.


5. Meetings for 2012

3 dates booked for next year.

  1. Monday 6th February – speaker will be Nigel Slater – subject ‘Migration’
  2. Monday 28th May – speaker to be announced later.
  3. Monday 5th November – AGM All the meetings will be held in the Memorial Hall, Bramcote.

6. Butterfly & Bird Surveys

  • John Appleton reported a drop in both Birds & Butterfly numbers & varieties this year due to the weather in the early months. He mentioned Gatekeeper, Ringlet & Meadow Brown butterflies & also greatly reduced number of Wrens.
  • New Species seen included the Essex Skipper & the Garden Warbler plus a new plant, the Wild Parsnip.

All results are collated & sent to the appropriate National Bodies.

7. Committee

All current Committee Members are willing to continue at present & as no other Nominations were received, were re-elected unopposed.

8. AOB

  • Dog Bins – 1 had been moved & others replaced – this had been noted during the Green Flag judging.
  • Rubbish – Garden rubbish had been deposited on the site at Charlotte Grove. Broxtowe BC to be informed & to action this with residents.
  • Website – John reported an e-mail from Geoff Fewkes that stated the Website has been refreshed & looks very good. It has had 718 visits from 30 different countries including Brazil!
  • Thanks to Geoff for his continuing support for this valuable & important asset.
  • A Vote of Thanks was proposed by Jane to the Committee for their work on behalf of the Friends.

Refreshments of Tea, Coffee & Biscuits were then enjoyed & time taken to view & discuss a display of photographs & other material about the activities & events of the year – Thanks to John & Sandra Appleton for this.

The meeting closed at 9:00pm.

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