We had another good turnout of 16 volunteers and once again we were fortunate with the weather.

Today’s jobs completed were as follows:

  • The rest of the plug plants (about 250) were planted in the the areas designated for perennial wildflowers on both reserves. 2022-04b
  • An alcove alongside the circular path on Alexandrina Plantation which was created several years ago by the Council to create a suitable area for small mammals and butterflies had become quite overgrown, mainly with bramble, so this was cleared.
  • There are three patches of wood anemone in the Thoresby Rd woodland area which were becoming overshadowed, mainly with Holly, so the immediate area around these were cleared to allow these plants to get more light.
  • Nettles were planted in various areas to provide more plants suitable for butterflies. 2022-04a
  • Many ash saplings growing in Ivy Wood were cleared to provide more light for the various plants growing there.

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