On a cold morning and light rain having just stopped we had seven members turning out plus two others; a 14 year old pupil doing his Duke of Edinburgh bronze award with his mother. All were very carefully socially distanced at the initial meeting and within a few minutes went off in small groups.

The main tasks today were;

  • Cleaning out all the existing bird boxes and erecting 4 repaired ones.

  • The path that runs parallel to the football pitch and is also adjacent to the private land where Japanese Knotweed is growing was getting very overgrown. Whilst we cannot do anything about the Knotweed we could widen this path by cutting back hard on the opposite side of the path and this was completed.

  • This group then moved to the steps leading down to Thoresby Road and these were swept clear of accumulated tree debris. The gravel surfacing that had been washed down from the steps onto the pavement was cleared onto the kerb edge, (for the Council to remove), and all the overhanging bramble etc was cleared from the pavement edge. This section of pavement is now completely safe for pedestrians.

  • The usual litter pick was completed on both reserves.

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