A dry cloudy morning and eleven members were present. The jobs completed were:

  • An Ivy clad Hawthorn that had collapsed onto the bridleway earlier this week was cut down and moved away from the path. Part of the tree was still alive so it will hopefully regrow to fill in the gap. Two other trees on the same path had low overhanging branches cut back.
  • Most of the group concentrated on clearing an alcove alongside the circular path on Alexandrina Plantation which was created by the Council a few years ago, but had now become overgrown with brambles. Also several large tree branches that had been dumped there when the Practical Conservation Volunteers had worked in the adjacent area last December where cleared.

    The object of creating this alcove is to provide habitat for small mammals and butterflies. Whilst clearing this area we discovered a huge quantity (300+) cancer charity collection bags, so we will be contacting the charity to let them know about this.

  • Two members undertook the usual litter pick on both reserves.

    The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

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