13 members attended the work session that was held held on 3rd November 2103, undertaking the usual wide range of tasks across the two reserves.

  • The remainder of the ivy was removed from the Black Poplar that is situated on the foopath running between Heather Rise and Kingsdown Mount. This completes the work that was started in October, and has removed a great deal of excesss weight from the stems of this grand old pollard.
  • Numerous dead and/or low branches overhanging pathways were lopped off. The removed branches were cut up and left in small piles to increase the lying dead wood on the site, which provides valuable food and habitat for insects
  • The Sandy Lane Bridleway was once again cleared - this time it was tree debris following a week of strong winds.
  • More than 100 ash seedlings were dug up from an area in Ivy Wood that was cleared 2 years ago. New coppice growth on hawthorns and holly, that had been previously felled, was also removed to ensure that ground layer plants do not get shaded out.
  • The usual litter pick resulted in two full bags of litter being removed from site.

    The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

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