On a pleasant morning we had 6 members attending this morning's session.

  • We concentrated on paths etc on Alexandrina Plantation and the main two we cleared were one leading down the steps just after “Walter’s seat” which had been severely overgrown mainly with broom but also some gorse. 2023-07b
  • Whilst on this path we also hammered into the ground a protruding rebar which was a potential hazard.
  • The other path cleared was one we tackled last month but was again becoming overwhelmed with bracken and grasses.
  • Pieces of bramble overhanging many other paths were also cleared.
  • Mugwort was removed from the Thoresby Rd wildflower area and one other spot. Despite seed being sown later than planned, and with a period of very hot and dry weather after sowing, this is now looking quite colourful. 2023-07a
  • As usual litter was collected from both reserves.

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