25 members present with apologies from Iris Clark & Sheila Hardy.

Notes from the Chairman - Norman Clyde-Watson

  • Norman thanked everyone for all their hard work and support for "The Mowing Weekend". 26 attended the Saturday session and 16 on the Sunday morning. Geoff, in particular, was very pleased with the response.
  • Norman announced the sad news of the death of Bob Smith. He was one of the founder members of the Friends.
  • The next meeting will be the AGM on Monday 3rd November. John Appleton has agreed to make available again his photographs recording a year on the ridge.

Norman then introduced Ray Cobb who gave an illustrated talk on fungi. Although there are many varieties of species of fungi, Ray concentrated on the larger ones, more likely to be found in our area

Some Fungi Facts

  • Field mushroom is only one of the Mushroom family.
  • Many are edible including 'Amanita Rubella' found on the Ridge.
  • 'Fairy Ring Mushroom' is edible but not the only one that makes a fairy ring.
  • 'Honey Fungus' or 'Bootlace Fungus' is undesirable in the garden as it is very destructive.
  • 'Amanita Deathcap' is extremely poisonous - less than ¼ of a cap can kill a human being.
  • 'Beefsteak Fungus' looks and feels like beef, but does not taste of beef!
  • 'Lawyers Wig' is edible and has historical links with ink used on legal documents.
  • Many have gills which hold spores for reproduction; others such as the Hedgehog Fungus have spores on their outside spikes.
  • Although there are millions of spores, only one in billions germinate.
  • Fungi grow in many places, even on the dead bodies of caterpillars.

Norman, on behalf of the members, thanked Ray. He also suggested that to be safe, members should continue to select their mushrooms from the shelves at Sainsburys!

NOTICE is hereby given that the AGM. of the Friends of Bramcote Ridge will be held at 7:30pm on Monday 3rd November in the Rose Grower.


1. Reports on the last year - (November 2002 to October 2003)

  • General - Norman Clyde-Watson.
  • Monday Meetings - Norman Clyde-Watson
  • The Work Programme - Geoff Fewkes
  • Income & Expenditure - Eric Curtis

2. The Third Year of the Butterfly Survey - John Appleton

3. Next Year's Subscription - Remain the same £4 per year.

4. Election to the Committee The committee has a maximum of 8 members with the power to co-opt 2 further members. The present members are:

  • Norman Clyde-Watson (Chair)
  • Sheila Hardy (Secretary),
  • Eric Curtis (Treasurer)
  • John Appleton
  • Geoff Fewkes
  • Geoff Ward
  • Dave Woodward

These members are willing to continue but any member is welcome to stand for election.

5. Any motion previously submitted, in writing, to the Secretary, Sheila Hardy, by Saturday 1st November .

6. A.O.B

The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

  • to find out when the next work session will take place, click here, or
  • to find out about becoming a member please contact us here, or
  • to discover what goes into managing the sites click here.

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