1, The Bracken bash - was successful, with 12 people participating

2, Exhibition - A minimum display area of 3ft x 3ft available, probably more. Large scale OS maps too costly, maps from Broxtowe BC seem usable, with contours added. One would show selected vegetation (Geoff Ward), the other, birds (John Appleton’s own paintings reproduced). Also, comprehensive lists of vegetation (Geoff Fewkes) and birds (John Appleton). Walter to produce text with the aims of group. Also photos. Aim to have something ready by the August meeting, rest for September

3, Friends of Brierley Park - They have an open day on 1st August. Walter will take Eric and Mary Curtis. Geoff Ward and his wife will go independently. Others Welcome. Walter to invite Terry Birch to the October Meeting.

4, Publicity - Lynette Pinchess from Evening Post will come to July bash

5, Co-operation with Broxtowe BC – Walter had written to Tim Crawford and received a reply

  • 2 dog bins have been put up
  • Tim questions whether the path from Thoresby Road is a right of way: unwilling to spend money on it. Agreed that condition of main path more important. This damaged by recent heavy rain. Tim Crawford to be approached about ways to prevent further erosion.
  • Help with grass clearance to be discussed in September
  • Cutting of trees below top of ridge – horizontal instead of promised ‘windows’, heavily criticised. Massive debris left on site could be fire risk. Could perhaps be moved by group to roadside for Council to shred and remove.

6, Letter from Linda Whitt – suggests the Friends might wear armbands to deter vandals. Lengthy discussion. Ideas: warning notices, regular patrols, contact local policemen. Availability of armbands/yellow jackets to the explored. P.S. The Community Constable for Bramcote is Tony Pearson tel: 943 0999 ex 5671

Next meeting Monday 2 August

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