A low turnout of only 7 members meant the planned jobs had to be scaled back and just the priority jobs were tackled. These were:

  • A litter pick across both reserves saw significantly more than usual amount of rubbish collected, and removed from ythe sites.
  • 6 new bat boxes erected.
  • The two areas near the Markham Road entrance, which had been cleared last month, were forked over before the poppy seed was sown.
  • Numerous larger branches that had been left on site following clearance work last December were collected up and moved to site entrance for removal by Broxtowe Borough Council - 15 wheelbarrows full in total.

The Council is hoping to carry out the next stage of the restoration work during the next fortnight. When this area has been prepared for reseeding, the Friends will sow a mixture of woodland seed along the recently laid hedge bottom.

The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

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