24 Members and 2 Guests present. No Apologies.

Norman Clyde-Watson welcomed members & advised the meeting of the following


  • Wildflower Area. The area has been rotovated and the seeds are ready to plant. This will be done by the next Working Group. This will take place on Sunday 20th April - Meet at top of Sandy Lane at 10:30am and bring a rake or fork and gloves.
  • Future Meetings. Heather gave notice of the following future Meetings: -
    • Monday May 12th - 7:30pm at the Rose Grower. Guest Speaker: Stewart Dixon from Hebbs Farm will talk about 'Gardens Great & Small'.
    • Monday June 2nd - Evening Walk locally, meet at the Rose Grower at 7:30pm.
    • Monday July 7th - Visit to Naturescape at Langar. This will be an evening visit and the approximate cost will be £3.00 each to include refreshments. A Minimum number of 15 people is needed so please advise Heather asap if you wish to go and have not already put your name down. Members to meet at the Rose Grower at 6:30pm and will hopefully be able to share transport.

Norman then introduced Neil Pinder who gave a talk illustrated with slides and video of ‘The Harvest Mouse's Life and Habits' especially relating to his experiences in and around Ruddington and Keyworth.

This very small, delightful, shy mammal with an equally short life expectancy, recognisable by its russet fur and prehensile tail, can be found with difficulty especially when moving!

  • It inhabits tall grass and hedgerows in fields.
  • It weighs no more than a 20p piece.
  • It can raise 5-8 young at a time.
  • It only consumes about 8 calories a day.
  • It was first described in 1769 and was originally thought to come from Asia.
  • Nottinghamshire seems to be the outer limit of its range.
    To view numerous images - visit the website www.arkive.org

Norman thanked Neil for his excellent talk.

The meeting ended at 8:45pm.

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