Path. Walter reported on the present situation. Amanda Blicq from Groundwork Greater Nottingham has been given the measurements for the proposed length and width of the path and has estimated the cost of materials and hire of a roller at £2500. She expressed some doubts as to whether we had the necessary expertise to do the construction of the path ourselves. Walter phoned Tim Crawford and reported on his conversation with Groundwork. He assured Tim of the willingness of the Friends to play their part, but left it to him to decide whether the Council would wish to be more directly involved in the work. Amanda hopes to put in the application for a grant in June or July. Walter will contact Amanda and Tim in a few weeks.

BTCV start-up grant. A grant of up to £50 is available to new groups joining the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. Walter has made an application. We are likely to receive £25 to cover the renewal of our membership and some money for stationery, postage, etc.

Tresswell Wood. Geoff Fewkes had arranged a visit to this 118 acre ancient woodland near Retford and 9 Friends toured this on 9 April. The wood is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and was acquired by the Notts Wildlife Trust in 1973. It is one of the best examples of ash/oak/maple woods in Nottinghamshire; there is a nature trail open to the public in the northern part.

The wood is managed by one volunteer, who took the Friends round. John Appleton read out a report that he had written. He had been particularly interested in the bird ringing programme, which has been in operation since 1972. During the visit they watched two ringers who had been ringing a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a Chaffinch, a Blackbird and a Tit. They explained the reason and the importance of ringing.

During the visit the group saw wood anemones, wild primroses, arum lily, dog’s mercury and barren strawberry, as well as a wild service tree which had not set seed for 800 years. (For further details of the visit, particularly the birds, please contact John).

Work Programme for the Summer. Geoff Fewkes has prepared a sheet for the next 4 months (attached to this summary, please keep). Please note that the next session is on 21st May. All sessions start at 10:30 (this had been omitted from the sheet).

Bird Box Making. Four volunteers will gather in John Appleton’s garage on 14 May. He suggested that only 4 be set out in October but the group make another 3 for sale (see below).

Participation in the 2000 Stapleford Carnival on 9th September. Iris Clarke has received a letter from the Notts & Derbys Hemlock Stone Lions Club inviting participation as a stall holder. It was agreed that we should take a small stall, sell plants and advertise the Friends.

Gift of a Hazel Tree. Heather Cox donated a hazel tree which she had received by collecting coupons on a scheme by Kwik Save.

Next meeting on 5 June. This will be the postponed walk over the ridge to look at plants and flowers (led by Geoff Fewkes). Meet on top of Sandy Lane at 7:00pm.

The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

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