Despite steady drizzle, and several regulars having already let me know they couldn't attend today, we still had a good turnout of 14 volunteers. The jobs completed were as follows:

  • The wildflower area alongside Thoresby Road was enlarged so that it is now about double the size it was. The grass which was dug up was removed off site and then the whole area raked over ready for new seed to be sown next month.
  • The steps leading up from Thoresby Road were cleared of accumulated leaf and tree debris.
  • Two separate areas on the Markham Road site which had previously been cleared of trees now had a lot of regrowth and this was cut back to ground level to allow the grasses and other plants in the understorey to be able to establish themselves.
  • Another path, also on the Markham Road site, was widened.
  • The usual litter pick was completed on both reserves.

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