There has been excellent support of activities by members over the summer.

  • Monday 6th June - An enjoyable conducted walk was taken by 16 members around Attenborough Nature Reserve led by Bill Wheatley.
  • Monday 4th July - An evening walk round the Ridge, led by John Appleton, explored areas new to the 20 members who took part.
  • Saturday 30th July - A visit to Mike Davey's half acre suburban garden at Ruddington was undertaken by 17 members as a follow up to his earlier talk to the Group. Blessed with good weather and fortified by tea and cakes, this was a real treat. Norman has sent thanks for the invitation.

Working Days have also been well supported.

  • Sunday June 26th - A really hot day, but bracken bashing and some path work was done.
  • Sunday July 31st - Additional path work has restored the path to its full width, Rosebay was pulled to reduce density and further bracken was bashed.

Many thanks to all for the excellent work.

Advance Notices for your Diary.

Sat 24th & Sun 25th September - Grass collection from annual mowing.

  • Mowing and grass collection is an important activity to maintain the biodiversity of the Ridge.
  • Flowers planted have done well and will have seeded before the mowing.
  • Do come and help - just gloves and rake needed - also bring water bottle if hot!

Next Meeting - is at the Rosegrower on Sept 5th at 7:30pm. Lianne Evans -Biodiversity officer for Notts County Council will give a talk on her work on conservation.

General News

  • The Ridge has received approval as a 'Local Nature Reserve', with official confirmation awaited.
  • The play area is to be relocated and work has started but is currently at a standstill.
  • Planning Permission for additional houses on the Willoughby site at the top of Sandy Lane has been refused. The old bungalow has been now been demolished.
  • Bollards have been reinstated to restrict vehicular access to the Ridge opposite the Golf Course and are now permanent.
  • Sadly 3 of the 4 Silver Birch trees planted on the grass triangle, on the lower part of the Ridge, have been vandalised. There are no plans to reinstate, but hopefully the remaining tree will survive.
  • Funding is to be sought to provide additional hedging on the Ridge to perhaps be situated along the fenced area behind the Thoresby Road houses.

The Committee thank members for all their work and look forward to the next year of activities and meetings.

The Friends are always looking for extra pairs of hands to help out or to simply support their work, so...

  • to find out when the next work session will take place, click here, or
  • to find out about becoming a member please contact us here, or
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