26 members present. Apologies from Alan Evans, Rod & Barbara Dexter, MaryCurtis.

Norman Clyde-Watson (Chairman) thanked members for their support of the Hedgerow Planting.

Details have been sent to press - see copy of Beeston Express, dated Fnday 4th March. There was also a display of photographs (with captions) of the planting.

The relevant paperwork has been completed and the funding for the planting is expected to follow shortly.

A further 4 specimen Silver Birch trees have been purchased and the planting of these was to take place on 20th March together with work to clear some of the Brambles.

Norman then told the members that Geoff Fewkes was shortly leaving Nottingham and was taking up a post in Cumbria. This would be a loss to the Group after 6 years as Geoff was instrumental in the formation of the Group and its Project Work following his own Management Plan which has now been adopted by Broxtowe B.C.

A presentation was made of a book of photographs recording the work on the Ridge and a Gift Set of garden tools engraved with the 'Good Wishes of The Friends'.

Geoff thanked the members and said his move was to a new post with a wide remit but he would be back to see us to ensure all was going well.

Members would continue to undertake work as usual following the previous year’s activities

Norman then introduced Wendy & Peter Leedham who, after Wendy had studied Garden Design for 3 years, had become involved in producing a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2003. The garden being entitled ‘A Plant Hunters Garden' (based on a book by Tony Musgrove).

The design taken from the book authentically represented a hillside in China 200 years ago - even down to using hemp string to fasten bamboo railings - when new plants were sought to bring back to Great Britain.

A superb presentation followed which illustrated the hard work and dedication to detail which, after 3 weeks, transformed a muddy plot into a RHS Silver Medal winning garden incorporating a pool, boat, hut & waterfall together with many plants and trees.

All the trees, plants, rocks etc. were transported, unloaded and placed in position to show how much is owed to the Plant Hunters for present day availability of trees, plants and shrubs.

Wendy was given very deserved applause at the end of a fast moving but mind-blowing talk.

The meeting ended at 8:45pm

Next Meeting is Monday 4th April, 7:30pm - Guest Speaker, Bill Wheatley, will talk about Attenborough Nature Reserve, it's development and it's new Visitor Centre.

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