30 members present including 6 juniors with apologies from Iris Clark and Lawrence Cooper.

Norman Clyde-Watson in Chair - welcomed Friends to the meeting and gave notices:-

  • To thank Heather & John Cox for a most enjoyable walk around Bramcote in May.
  • To thank Geoff Fewkes for arranging visit to Findern which was unfortunately cancelled through lack of people - this may be re-arranged.
  • Breeze magazine had published a very good article about the tree planting on the Ridge in April.
  • Date for next Work Day on the Ridge will be Sunday June 27th. This will be a Bracken Bash starting at 10:30am - Please make a note in the diary.

Norman welcomed Jim Slaney for a return visit - (last visit was 2 years ago) - along with his friends of Greenwood Owls - Blossom, the tawny owl, Jessie, the barn owl and Joyce, his wife.

Jim and Joyce look after rescued birds and release them back to the wild whenever possible. Many are injured, poisoned, victims of RTAs or accidents in the wild.

Jim introduced Jessie, a 2year old Barn Owl (an ex-pet, NOT recommended for children!!). A nocturnal bird, hunting by sound, now suffering from decline through loss of habitat, farming practices, poisoning of food sources - rats and mice. Now only 4,000 breeding pairs. Use of owl boxes and legislation for barns to have owl spaces are helping.

Jim then showed Blossom, an old favourite, the Tawny Owl. See Bird Box May 2004 - issue 18). 75,000 breeding pairs in UK - consuming 2 mice each per night = 300,000 mice dispatched per night!

Members were able to meet and touch the Owls,

Norman thanked Joyce and Jim for another entertaining and informative evening.

Dates And Notes In Your Diary

There will be no meeting in July or August, but Members might like to meet for a social drink on the 1st Monday at The Rosegrower .

September 6th 7:30 pm. A visit and talk from the 'Hedgehog Lady' with friends. In lieu of donations, the speaker has asked for cat/dog food. NO FISH Varieties - and any clean, old towels. Bring them to the meeting. Do Please Help.

The Meeting closed at 8:45pm

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