21 members present. Apologies from Linda and Phil Whitt.

Regretfully the advertised talk on hedgehogs did not take place, as the speaker from 'Hedgehog Care' did not wish to bring a live animal during the present Foot and Mouth crisis. Hopefully the talk will be given at another time.

A few notices.

  • During the next work day (11th March) the site would be chosen for the two benches that the CounciI has offered to put up.
  • A catalogue of plants and tools from BTCV was available.
  • The spring work programme would be distributed separately.

Snails. Walter initiated a light-hearted discussion on their disposal and ecological role.

Butterfly survey. John reported that this would start on 25th March. Its value would emerge in 2-3 years. The maintenance of vegetation and some new planting could encourage butterflies and hence birds such as warblers to come to the site.

Petrol strimmer. Geoff reported that a quality strimmer could be bought for £300. £200 had been donated by the Bramcote Millennium Committee. It was agreed that £50 should be taken from our funds (which currently stand at £230) and a grant of £50 sought from BHCA.


  • Some concern was reported that the bushes near the new path could provide cover for stalkers. The danger was considered small, but the situation would be watched.
  • Concern was also expressed about the continuing offence of dog dirt on the Ridge and on roads. Perhaps the BHCA newsletter could mention this.

Next meeting Monday 2nd April. As previously announced, Margaret Cooper will give a talk on 'Bramcote'.

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